How to pay attention to antifreeze of automatic washing machine

Recently, my country issued a yellow warning for the cold wave since the beginning of winter. Most provinces and cities in China dropped by more than 10°C yesterday, and there was heavy snow in some provinces and cities. A few days ago, there was a snow in Wuxi since the beginning of winter.

Automatic washing machine

The sudden and rapid cooling has brought great inconvenience to our daily life and travel. Especially in cities with snowfall, rapid cooling and blizzards will freeze the ground, making it more difficult for us to travel. Therefore, we must pay attention to cold and frost protection and keep warm.

The temperature drops too much. For our users who have fully automatic floor scrubbers, they finally don’t have to dip their hands in cold water and clean them cautiously in such weather. In addition, we must also pay attention to some protection issues of the scrubber in very low temperatures.

At this time, the temperature in most provinces and cities in China is below 0°C, and the water is easy to freeze at this temperature. For a scrubber that uses water with a motor to clean the floor, if the water freezes and freezes, it will be difficult to work. Moreover, we must also prevent the water from freezing in the water tank and pipe of the scrubber. The correct way is to discharge the sewage in the sewage tank through the sewage pipe after our cleaning work is completed. In addition, the clean water in the clean water tank needs to be discharged through a water drain valve. Usually, customers only discharge the water in the sewage tank in winter and forget the water in the clean water tank. Only the two water tanks are drained clean, so that when we continue to use the next day, we don't have to wait for thawing.

Conditional customers, when parking the machine, it must be placed indoors, but it must be far away from fire and high temperature.

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