Precautions for storage of driving scrubbers that are not used for a long time

Drive-on scrubbers have been widely used mainly in shopping malls, railway stations, subway stations, etc. I believe that with the improvement of people's quality of life, the development of science and technology will also be widely used in our days. Floor scrubbers can be roughly divided into: driving scrubbers, hand-push scrubbers, and fully automatic scrubbers. The operation of the driving type scrubber is very simple and has been widely used. The following explains the precautions after operating the driving scrubber.

Drive-on scrubber

Will we pay attention to some problems after operating the driving scrubber every day? These problems are related to the service life and work efficiency of our driving scrubber.

1. If you stop using it for a long time, clean the waste water tank and the clean water tank and open the cover to dry. (The battery short-circuit wire of the battery-driven washing machine should be disconnected and charged regularly). Cover the machine with a dust-proof cloth for storage.

2. Empty the sewage in the sewage tank, and then clean it with clean water. If it is particularly dirty, the sewage tank can be removed and cleaned.

3. Raise the brush plate and squeegee, and park the driving scrubber in a dry, ventilated, flat environment without combustible gases, liquids, chemicals, or open flames, and place or charge it.

4. Wipe the exterior of the driving scrubber clean with a dry or damp cloth, and check whether the filter sponge is clogged with water or dirt. If so, please take out the sponge and clean it, dry it before putting it in.

In order to extend the service life of the driving scrubber, the main thing is to pay attention to maintenance in daily use. Hope the above information can be helpful to you.

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