How should players push and drive sweepers in different scenarios

Many customers do not know whether they need a floor scrubber or a floor sweeper when purchasing cleaning equipment. How to distinguish a floor scrubber and a floor sweeper?

Floor scrubber: Various cleaning agents can be added to clean the floor, which can clean the floor oil, mildew, and various strong adhesion stains. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use on smooth and hard floors.

Sweeping machine: suitable for cleaning dust, large garbage, etc., can not clean strong adhesion stains, suitable for outdoor road environment cleaning, etc.

So in different scenarios, what kind of cleaning equipment is suitable? Puyi will answer for you.

Riding sweeper

1. Sweeping machine series

Sweepers are divided into many types, including hand-push type, driving type scrubber and closed driving type; generally suitable for cement floors, asphalt roads, asphalt floors, epoxy floors, plastic runways, small square tiles and other ground;

It has a strong cleaning effect on industrial wastes such as garbage, leaves, pebbles, sand, iron filings, dust, powder and so on.

The performance characteristics are: Integrate cleaning, recycling and dust collection. It is suitable for use in industrial plants, parks, squares, streets, underground parking lots, shopping malls and other places.

2. Floor scrubber series

The floor scrubber is generally suitable for hard floors such as cement floors, PVC, marble tiles, terrazzo floors, vitrified tiles, and epoxy floors;

The main feature of the product is that it can perform work such as water spraying, floor scrubbing, sewage recycling, and floor suction at the same time, which greatly improves work efficiency and makes cleaning more beautiful.

The types of scrubbers are also divided into: hand-push scrubbers and driving scrubbers, which have the advantages of environmental protection and energy saving. It is suitable for use in hotels, shopping malls, schools, airports, factories and other places.

In summary, you can choose the cleaning equipment that suits you according to the scene on the ground.

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