What is special about industrial vacuum cleaners?

What is special about industrial vacuum cleaners? Is it different from ordinary vacuum cleaners? Does the purchase need to consider the brand and manufacturer? These articles are described in detail. Industrial vacuum cleaners have many uses, so there are many precautions for how to buy them in normal times.

1. Filtration system

If you want to choose an industrial vacuum cleaner, you should pay attention to it. The filter system should check the number of layers or material of the filter system. Generally speaking, the higher the density of the industrial vacuum cleaner, the better the filtering effect. The more layers are filtered. The cleaning effect is also better. A good filter system should also be able to retain all the original dust, so that it can prevent other things from flowing out and avoid secondary pollution.

Industrial vacuum cleaner

2. Host performance

If you want to judge the filter system, you basically have to judge it in various ways. The performance of the host is very important. After turning on the power, you should check whether the operating sound of the industrial vacuum cleaner is balanced, and look at them. Are there other noises? If you want to choose an industrial vacuum cleaner, you should also feel whether the whole machine has a large vibration. You can also check the relevant technical parameters or power consumption, and judge by various ways .

Three, combined with environmental selection

When choosing an industrial vacuum cleaner, you must consider some indicators, and select it in combination with specific usage scenarios. You can consider the length of continuous working time. If you work for a long time, you should better adapt to it. There are relatively more spare parts, and the loss rate is relatively large. Low, so we have to choose according to the environment or the humidity of some dust that needs to be treated, so that we can consider more needs, and also consider whether the operation is flexible.

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