Which application sites are industrial vacuum cleaners suitable for?

Industrial vacuum cleaners are mainly used to collect waste and dust, various metals, non-metals, oil, water and other particulate dirt and liquids in the industrial production process. To achieve a clean environment.

Industrial vacuum cleaners are widely used in factories, workshops, warehouses, textiles, chemicals, machinery and other fields. It can improve the quality of the environment, thereby reducing the occurrence of some occupational problems, changing the physical and mental health of employees, so as to achieve the purpose of improving production efficiency.

It also collects waste during industrial production. Sanitation cleaning equipment industry vacuum cleaner industry can improve product quality. In the chemical industry, some expensive chemical raw materials can be recovered. As a kind of sanitation equipment, industrial vacuum cleaners can reduce the occurrence of certain occupational problems. Ensure the health of employees.

The factory vacuum cleaner can clean the iron filings in the assembly line in time, reducing the possibility of iron filings flying up and hurting employees during work.

Industrial vacuum cleaner

Industrial vacuum cleaners used in power plants can clean the dead corner dust that is difficult to clean in the electrical cabinet of the power plant, and ensure that the components of the electrical cabinet can work normally for a long time!

Compare high-power industrial vacuum cleaners with household vacuum cleaners required in industrial production processes. The vacuum cleaner has the advantages of continuous use for 24 hours, strong suction power, large dust collection capacity, long service life, and high temperature resistance. In particular, the vacuum cleaner requires almost no extract, and can filter various materials of various shapes and waste media materials, such as filters, filter bags, and the like. The precision that can be adjusted to absorb 0.1 micron solid particles can be used in fine chemicals, machinery and other industries.

Industrial vacuum cleaners also include compressed air-powered manual conveyors, high-speed vacuum devices or high-speed pneumatic cleaning. High-speed pneumatic cleaning is a convenient and powerful handheld vacuum.

The internal air amplifier converts compressed air into gas with strong suction. It is no longer necessary to move electrical equipment like ordinary electric vacuum pumps on the market, so please do not be careful when using electric motors.

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