Guide to high-power rechargeable industrial vacuum cleaners on the factory floor

Industrial vacuum cleaners must be used on the factory floor. But for purchasing, what is the difference between an industrial vacuum cleaner on the factory floor and the usual rechargeable vacuum cleaner? What are the differences? How to choose a suitable vacuum cleaner for the workshop?

Four points for attention in the selection of vacuum cleaners in the workshop:

Industrial vacuum cleaner

1. Categorize categories and locations of use

What do we mainly suck? For example, is it big garbage, small particles or dust, the things we suck are relatively large, for example, some large volumes require large diameters. If the suction is heavy, the pressure of the vacuum cleaner is relatively high in order to suck heavy objects. On the contrary, the suction power is relatively small, such as lighter dust, paper dust, some wood chips, etc. Without too much pressure, there is a large air volume, because these things will fly, if there is no large air volume, it will spread into the air, if the square of the suction port is relatively large, subsequent pollution will occur. A large amount of air from the vacuum cleaner is sucked into the vacuum cleaner and will not be scattered into the air, thereby causing air pollution. Then, it will land on the ground or other equipment, causing a lot of dust that is difficult to clean, and if it is scattered in the air, it will enter the lungs with breathing, which is harmful to the human body.

2. Differentiate operating conditions and requirements

In some factory workshops, the workshop vacuum cleaners used for matching are used to vacuum while working. Workshop vacuum cleaners used for cleaning functions are uniformly cleaned after get off work.

There are also 24-hour non-stop work, that is, people are resting, machines are not resting, three shifts. This is a 24-hour equipment job, and the vacuum cleaner also works together. Industrial vacuum cleaners can work for a long time without failure without stopping the machine for 24 hours, which requires high vacuum cleaner performance.

3. The capacity should be appropriate

Determine the capacity of the workshop industrial vacuum cleaner dustbin required in the factory. If the dust bin selection is small, it will reduce work efficiency if we often need to clean up the garbage. Usually, we clean it every day or four or five hours, so pay attention to the amount of garbage. If we have a lot of garbage, we need a large-capacity vacuum cleaner. If the amount of garbage is relatively small, it does not need to be too large.

4. The power supply voltage of the factory vacuum cleaner

Make sure that the power supply is the same in the factory and workshop before purchasing. Generally, 380V three-phase power is recommended for industrial vacuum cleaners in the factory.

If you want to move and work, and it is not convenient to move the cable in a large area, then we can also choose the battery industrial vacuum cleaner, the battery can be stored in the battery by charging. It is also very convenient without using a power source. In short, we choose according to the actual situation of the workshop.

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