Four ways to maintain the rechargeable vacuum cleaner

The filter element of the vacuum cleaner is mainly used to filter garbage. Because it faces the garbage and dust, it is of course easy to get dirty and often needs to be cleaned. What are the methods for cleaning? This article will give you a detailed explanation of the four methods of cleaning the filter element of the rechargeable industrial vacuum cleaner.

1. Use an air pump to blow back and clean the filter element

After the industrial vacuum cleaner filter element is used, a large amount of dust will adhere to it, which will cause clogging and decrease the suction power. At this time, you can use an air pump to clean the attached dust, and then gently tap it. This is convenient to clean up to 80% of the dust. dust.

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2. Take other industrial vacuum cleaners to suck the dust on the filter element

If the factory has high requirements and you are worried about dust flying when the air pump blows, causing secondary pollution, you can also use other industrial vacuum cleaners to suck the filter element. The vacuum pressure will also suck away the dust attached to the filter element, and you will get a clean filter element.

3. Clean the filter element with water

We clean up to 80% or 90% in the process of blowing or sucking, but if you are not satisfied, what should you do if there is still some dust? You can clean it with water. Most industrial vacuum cleaners are washable filters. The cleaning process Can make it look new.

However, it is worth noting that the filter hole of the filter element will become larger during the washing process, and it is not recommended to wash frequently. It is more recommended to use the first two methods.

Fourth, replace with a new filter element

If the filter element has been used for a long time, washing with water is also invalid, the hole becomes larger or the hole is generated. Then it is not recommended to continue to use it forcibly, and it is recommended to replace the filter element as soon as possible.

Note that the replacement of the filter element should be consistent with the original model. It is recommended to contact the original industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturer for replacement to ensure that subsequent use will not be affected.

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