What you need to pay attention to when driving a sweeper

Here, I would like to introduce to you what you need to pay attention to about the driving sweeper!

1. When using the driving sweeper, be sure to pay attention to the place with water. Since the filter screen of the driving sweeper is generally composed of cloth materials, when we clean the ground, water will splash on the filter screen, which may cause damage or blockage of the filter screen.

2. When operating the driving sweeper, avoid any objects such as stairs, shelves, etc. If the machine hits any object, the front wheel of the machine may be damaged, thereby damaging the equipment. For driving sweepers, long objects such as ropes and belts are not easy to handle. Once we use the sweeper to clean these objects, the brush will easily be entangled by these objects, causing damage to the brush buckle and even circuit damage.

3. Choose a regular manufacturer and believe in the power of the brand. There are many sweeper manufacturers on the market now. When choosing a sweeper, we must learn more about the history of the sweeper manufacturer, the patent certificate of the sweeper manufacturer, pay attention to the reputation of the sweeper manufacturer, etc., while pursuing cost-effectiveness, we must renew Be careful and prudent, look at the main parts of the sweeper, and then start after a comprehensive balance.

4. Fully contrast, the Internet is so developed, and what information is basically clear on the Internet. When we buy a hand-push sweeper or a driving sweeper, we should consult several manufacturers or suppliers. Make a comparison.

5. After-sales issues. When buying a sweeper, ask clearly, what is our after-sales service? How long is the warranty period? How to guarantee? Do you want to pay? Wait for questions, you need professional guidance.

6. Compliance operations. Before using the driving sweeper, be sure to read the operation manual carefully and operate in strict accordance with the process, which can not only reduce equipment failures, but also extend the service life of the equipment. Of course, during the delivery process, the company will send professionals to demonstrate and guide customers to operate the machine.
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