What problems does the pneumatic industrial vacuum cleaner solve in industrial production?

In today's society, industrial vacuum cleaners have become a household name and have been widely used. As an automated tool, it can achieve different cleaning requirements in the working environment of different industries such as medical and electronics.

Industrial vacuum cleaners can absorb various metal, non-metal, oil, water and other particulate dirt and liquids, and can absorb and purify toxic and harmful gases. At the same time, pneumatic industrial vacuum cleaners can prevent some occupational hazards.

Pneumatic industrial vacuum cleaner

So, what specific problems can industrial vacuum cleaners solve in industrial production?

1. Medical industry

The requirements for environmental cleanliness are very high, and it is a basic requirement to be clean and dust-free. Especially in some special environments, a lot of dust will be generated during production. At this time, industrial vacuum cleaners are needed to absorb the dust in the air to keep the environment clean. At the same time, some good industrial vacuum cleaners have been optimized and upgraded to be able to reuse the recyclables in the dust.

Second, the electronics industry

When enterprises produce and process electronic equipment, it is inevitable that some metal particles and plastic waste will be generated. It is impractical to use floor scrubbers and sweepers for impurities on these equipment. At this time, high-quality industrial vacuum cleaners are needed to clean them. Industrial vacuum cleaners are quick to clean and will not cause any secondary pollution, which is conducive to the recycling of waste products!

3. Machinery industry

Generally speaking, the environmental cleanliness of the machining industry has always been an important issue that the industry needs to solve. Compared with the electronics industry, there are much more metal particles produced in the manufacturing process of the machinery industry, in addition to liquid waste similar to oil. In such a situation, ordinary dust vacuum cleaners cannot be solved. Not only can they not achieve the required cleanliness, but the vacuum cleaner may even be destroyed. Therefore, the specialized industrial vacuum cleaners used in the machinery industry generally have a relatively large power, which can not only separate solid and liquid waste, but also recover a part of metal particles.

4. Textile industry, mining industry

The textile industry and mining industry are also more suitable occasions for choosing to use clean room vacuum cleaners. Textile mills usually have fluff flying, and brooms are definitely not an ideal choice. We don’t need to think about floor scrubbers. We have done experiments on floor sweepers, but they are not suitable because the fluff will stick to the sweeping brushes. The brush will be entangled with the lint, and can no longer work normally. Only the vacuum cleaner can quickly collect the lint on the ground or the machine tool.

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