Operation mode and maintenance of fully automatic driving washing machine

1. Check the wear of the brush plate and the squeegee once a week. If the ground is ground, strong pressure on the ground will damage these accessories or make them wear faster. Under normal circumstances, the brush plate can be replaced after 50 hours of use. Conversely, after 30 hours of use, the absorbent tape should be replaced or turned upside down (when the four sides of the tape are still available).

2. Check the water absorption filter regularly. Sometimes, the filter will be blocked due to small water impurities, which will affect the outflow of water in the process of cleaning the ground.

3. Empty the clean water tank, especially not during the daily cleaning operation, otherwise the stagnant water will become a bad source. Cleaning the water absorption filter may sometimes produce some sediment and weaken the drying effect, so please clean it with running water.

4. Check whether the squeegee is clean; if necessary, clean the rubber strip and the suction port with running water.

5. Clean the suction pipe connected to the squeegee; even a local blockage will weaken the water absorption effect.

Washing machine feature

1. It integrates washing and drying. The front double brush plate brush or scouring pad can well clean the stubborn oil stains, stains, dirty water, mud, etc. on the ground; the rear arc-shaped squeegee can absorb the sewage, and the floor that the scrubber passes through can reach The effect is dry, and there is no residue after cleaning.

2. Flexible turning, clean without leaving dead corners, and easy to operate.

3. Battery-driven, no noise at work, energy saving and no secondary pollution.

4. The types of floors suitable for cleaning are epoxy resin floors, emery floors, tile floors, marble floors, terrazzo floors, cement floors, non-slip floors, and small square brick floors.

5. Places suitable for cleaning such as: factory workshops, office buildings, warehouses, shopping malls, hotels, schools, waiting halls, subway stations and other ground.

6. Driving type automatic operation, automatic lifting brush plate, suction nozzle, easy to learn.

7. Tool-free replacement of the brush plate and water-absorbent tape.

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