Which industries are suitable for general clean room vacuum cleaners?

Industrial vacuum cleaners for clean rooms are used in various industries. Industrial vacuum cleaners for clean rooms play an important role in the cleaning process. The use of industrial vacuum cleaners for clean rooms not only ensures a clean consumer environment, but also ensures the quality of medical products, and improves the compliance rate of products, thereby saving costs and enabling enterprises to generate more benefits. At this time, it is necessary to choose industrial vacuum cleaners for clean rooms that can absorb dust and can recycle other materials.

Vacuum cleaner for clean room

In the electronic industry of industrial vacuum cleaners in factories dedicated to clean rooms, some small particulate wastes, such as metal scraps, plastic scraps, etc., are generated during the consumption process. Since the electronics industry generates less waste, requires continuous work, and needs to reach the request of the purification workshop, this requires a small volume and better clean room special factory industrial vacuum cleaner, and the electronic industry application special clean room factory Industrial vacuum cleaners can improve the quality of production and meet the cleaning specifications of the purification workshop. Professional vacuum cleaners for clean rooms also play an important role in special industries.

The application of industrial vacuum cleaners for clean rooms in various industries. The chemical industry needs to choose industrial vacuum cleaners of different materials according to the nature of chemicals. For the highly corrosive chemical raw materials, we must choose corrosion-resistant materials as the waste collection container to achieve the effect of dealing with the problem.

Where is the dust room vacuum cleaner used? For example, in some relatively clean environments, such as clean room clean workshops, these places use battery-type vacuum cleaners. Obviously, there is not too much dust. Generally, a garbage bag can hold at least 10L of garbage. In a clean environment, there is very little garbage. We fill up the garbage bags, which may take half a month or a month. The price of a garbage bag is more than 10 yuan, so the cost is not much, and because of the filter accuracy of the paper bag It is higher than the cloth bag, and the filtering effect is good. For the clean room, the filtering accuracy is high. Therefore, the paper bag for the clean room vacuum cleaner is a good choice.

In addition, if the textile factory is relatively large and it is inconvenient to use electricity, we also recommend you to use battery-type industrial vacuum cleaners. They do not need to be restricted by the power supply and can be moved to vacuum at any time, and the capacity is 60 liters. Used by industries with more garbage. And you can install the crawling head to push and suck the debris scattered on the ground of the textile factory, the effect is obvious, and the dust collection efficiency is high.

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