Failure analysis of battery-driven washing machine

Nowadays, the scope of use of driving-type scrubbers is becoming wider and wider. As we use driving-type scrubbers, as time grows, there will always be some minor faults of this kind, or even serious failures to operate normally. The failure of the battery-driven scrubber can generally be summarized into two reasons: one is natural factors, and the other is human factors.

Battery-driven washing machine

Natural factors: such as wear, corrosion, vibration, aging, pollution and fatigue damage. Due to the frequent action of these factors, the working surface of the scrubber parts changes, the matching gap increases, the seal fails, the connection is loose, the adjustment is abnormal, the pipeline is blocked, etc. If it is not maintained in time, it will cause failure. Failures caused by this type of reason are gradually formed and appear in a long period of use, and are not easy to detect immediately, have the characteristics of slow performance, and are gradual failures. Generally through correct and scientific use and regular maintenance, this type of failure will be reduced.

Human factors: such as design shortcomings, improper assembly, incorrect use and operation, irregular maintenance, insufficient supply of consumables, and drastic changes in working conditions. Failures caused by this type of reason are often formed in a short period of time, have the characteristics of sudden performance, and belong to sudden failures. Such factors will not only strengthen the role of natural factors, but may also cause damage to the parts of the scrubber and loss of working ability. It usually occurs after maintenance and adjustment or restarting after parking, such as the engine cannot be started, the scrubber cannot work, and so on. Through the correct installation, use and maintenance of the scrubber, this type of failure can be completely avoided.

The scrubber is not clean. Check the wear of the scrubbing brush. When the length of the scrubbing bristles is less than 15mm, the scrubbing brush should be replaced. If you are using a scouring pad, check whether the scouring pad is severely worn, and if so, replace the scouring pad in time. Check whether the scouring pad used is suitable for the floor being washed. If you don’t know how to choose the scouring pad of the scrubber, you should contact the supplier of the scrubber for consultation. When performing cleaning tasks on heavily polluted ground, cleaning agents should be added appropriately. The squeegee is not effective in absorbing water. Check whether the squeegee strip of the scrubber is worn out, and if it is, it should be replaced in time. Whether there is any debris on the squeegee and the water-absorbing adhesive strip, clean it up in time. Check whether the water absorption strip is installed properly and whether the pressure on both sides of the squeegee is adjusted properly. Whether the suction pipe has been correctly inserted into the inlet of the recovery tank. Check whether the suction power of the suction motor is normal.

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