How to solve the problem of reduced suction power of wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaners?

1. Check for regular problems such as dust bins and garbage bags, check if the filter element is clogged, and replace and clean up in time;

2. Check whether there is any problem with the hose of the wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaner. The method is: unplug the hose from the vacuum cleaner and test the suction force at the suction port by hand; then connect the hose to the machine and test it by hand If the suction power of the suction port at the other end of the hose differs greatly, it may be because the soft management has blocked a large piece of garbage or the hose is damaged.

3. If the industrial vacuum cleaner is equipped with a negative pressure gauge, observe whether the negative pressure value exceeds the normal value, and if it is not normal, contact the after-sales personnel of Puyi in time.

4. When the fan is turned on and running, carefully listen to whether the sound of the fan is suddenly louder or dull. If the sound becomes louder, it may be that the filter is clogged or the straw is clogged; or if there are other abnormal noises! Abnormal noise may be a failure of the fan impeller. Find and solve the problem in time. Don't force it to continue to use! Contact us to solve the problem in time.

But don’t worry that these problems are not common. Overall, the performance of high-power industrial vacuum cleaners is very stable. It is an industrial vacuum cleaner with low failure rate, and maintenance and repair are also very simple and convenient, and will not affect the work progress.

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