What conditions need to be met for the parking place of the sweeper?

After a busy work, the sweeper needs to be parked in the designated parking position after a simple clean-up job. The parked area belongs to the "parking lot" of the sweeper, so how should the dedicated lot be designed? What conditions must be met?

1. It is believed that the parking place needs to be equipped with corresponding charging facilities, so that when the electric sweeper stops working, it can maintain a fully charged state so that it can enter work at any time.

2. In addition, the site selection of the sweeper warehouse is also particular, which will have a direct impact on the service life and performance of the sweeper, so this must be paid attention to. It is recommended that when choosing a warehouse, you can choose some larger space, which is convenient for parking the sweeper. Once the storage space is large, the environment inside is relatively dry and refreshing. Also need to pay attention to is not to store too many items in the warehouse, otherwise it will affect the entry and exit of the sweeper.

In order to make the sweeper perform better in the cleaning process, you may wish to refer to the above requirements to check whether your warehouse is qualified. Whether it can extend the service life of the sweeper, these requirements for the parking place and environment of the sweeper cannot be ignored.

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