What are the advantages of scrubbers compared to manual labor?

The speed of using a floor scrubber to clean the ground is 8-10 times that of manual cleaning. One floor scrubber can replace 8 cleaners, which not only saves time and effort, but also saves a lot of money. It is understood that the work efficiency of the scrubber has been greatly improved, and the work efficiency has been improved. For example, the hand-push scrubber can clean an area of 2-3 thousand square meters in one hour, which is much faster than manual cleaning. And only pay for one worker.

Drive-on scrubber

Let’s analyze the cost of using the floor scrubber. Users who have used the floor scrubber understand that the cost of using it is not high. Under normal circumstances, it consumes 3-5 yuan in electricity per day, and the wearing parts are a year. Replace 2-3 times, and with the rapid development of scrubbers, many accessories are inexpensive. In terms of maintenance, according to our after-sales analysis, many floor scrubbers are of relatively good quality and cannot be repaired several times a year. Except for the fragile parts that need to be replaced frequently, other parts do not need to be replaced frequently. Some driving-type floor scrubbers The machine has been used for a long time, and the cleaning effect and speed are a bit weak. Do you know why? Let's analyze it in detail below to help more users better use the scrubber. The details are as follows, for reference only:

1. The squeegee of the scrubber is damaged or has residue

When the cleaning power of the scrubber drops, check the squeegee in time: check whether there is any residue in the squeegee strip, and if there is, clean it up in time; check whether the squeegee strip is damaged, and the leak tightness after damage It will be affected, resulting in incomplete and unclean water absorption; check whether the squeegee is parallel to the ground. If not, adjust the angle of the squeegee first.

2. The scrubber's brush plate is seriously worn out and needs to be replaced

As the use time becomes longer and longer, the brush disk of the scrubber will also have different degrees of wear. Then how do we judge the degree of wear and replace the brush disk? According to the analysis of our after-sales personnel, the best way to encounter this kind of problem is to remove the brush tray to check. If the length of the bristles is less than 37.5px, you need to replace a new brush tray in time to avoid affecting the cleaning effect.

With the continuous increase of the service life of the scrubber, the aging and wear of various parts will continue to appear, which will cause the cleaning force to gradually decrease. On the other hand, it has a lot to do with the power. Many people know that the greater the power, The cleaning effect of the scrubber. However, we can't just pursue the aspect of high power. The cleaning effect and speed of the scrubber are very similar to the barrel effect. We need to consider comprehensively and choose a suitable scrubber when buying.

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