Automatic washing machine solves the problem of station cleaning

With the rapid development of my country’s society and economy, there are more and more large, medium and small stations all over the country, and the scale is getting bigger. However, due to the development of society, people’s minds are becoming more and more impetuous and more and more impatient. Therefore, it is very necessary for the fully automatic floor scrubber as a station to provide passengers with a good riding environment, but how to create a good riding environment? It is very necessary to do a good job of cleaning the station! How to do the cleaning of the station?

Automatic washing machine

Each station will have corresponding cleaning staff. They need to clean the bus hall, station, station square, toilets and other places. If it is a smaller station, it may be busy, but the efficiency is obviously not high and the people are too busy. Very tired! Therefore, in the station, you can buy a hand-push scrubber. The plaza in front of the station or the waiting hall is cleaned with a floor scrubber, while small places such as toilets, corridors, and stairs can be solved manually with a mop, so that the combination of man and machine instantly improves efficiency and saves manpower. financial resources.

If it is a medium-sized station, you can buy a few driver-type scrubbers or hand-push scrubbers, so that whether it is a waiting hall or a plaza, it can be cleaned and cleaned quickly, so as not to rely on manpower alone. Cleaning is dirty and tiring, and the cost of manpower and material resources must remain high.

And if it is a larger station, there is a large flow of people and a large area. Just using manpower, needless to say, it must be an impossible task, so it is very necessary to have a few driving-type scrubbers. This improves efficiency.

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