How to solve the problem of pressure drop of high-pressure cleaner

For all mechanical products, some problems will inevitably occur after a long time. It does not mean that it must be a mechanical failure or poor quality. It may be caused by wear of some accessories or other reasons. For high-pressure cleaners, sometimes the pressure drops suddenly after a period of operation, which greatly reduces the cleaning efficiency. So what is the reason?

1. Check whether the high-pressure water nozzle of the high-pressure cleaner is severely worn. If the wear is severe, replace the high-pressure nozzle. The high-pressure nozzles of low-pressure equipment will basically not wear out, because the high-pressure nozzles we are equipped with are basically overheated, but it is difficult to guarantee the high-pressure nozzles of high-pressure equipment;

2. Check if the inlet filter is blocked. If the water inlet filter is clogged, resulting in insufficient water inlet, please remove the filter and wash it with water. If the filter is often blocked due to unclean water source, you can add an external filter or replace a clean water source, otherwise the machine will be more damaged;

3. Respectively check the internal sealing parts of the pressure regulating valve, the overflow valve and the high-pressure water pump, such as whether the O-rings of the pressure regulating valve and the overflow valve are worn, whether the spring and seating surface are worn, whether the O-rings in the pump are worn, Whether the water seal is damaged, whether the one-way valve is worn or stuffed by foreign matter.

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