How to use the high pressure washer correctly

In the process of using the high-pressure washer, it is necessary to pay great attention to safety issues, or due to product defects, or the user does not follow the correct use method, causing the high-pressure washer to leak electricity and cause electric shocks and other major accidents. Occurrence! Therefore, in order to ensure the personal safety of users, in the process of using the pressure washer, it must be used in accordance with strict procedures and requirements!


In the process of using the high pressure washer, you must always wear appropriate gloves, goggles and masks and other protective tools.

During the cleaning process, keep your hands and feet away from the nozzle of the high-pressure washer.

Before using the high-pressure cleaner, always check whether all electrical connections are normal.

Regularly check whether there are cracks and leaks in the hose of the high-pressure cleaner. If it is found to be faulty, replace it in time; regularly check all liquids.

Try to use the lowest pressure to work, provided that the pressure is sufficient to complete the cleaning work.

When the spray gun of the high-pressure washer is not used, the setting trigger is in a safety lock state.

Before disconnecting the hose, always release the pressure in the washing machine.

After using the pressure washer, remember to drain the water from the hose.

Never point the spray gun at yourself or others.

Before starting the equipment, be sure to check carefully and make sure that all hose connections are locked in place. And to test to connect the supply water and let the appropriate water flow through the spray gun stem. After ensuring that all the above procedures are normal, connect the required cleaning nozzle to the spray gun rod.

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