Why is the nozzle of the high pressure washer easily damaged?

1. High temperature intrusion on the nozzle: If the high-pressure nozzle is operated for a long time under high temperature or abnormal temperature, the nozzle may be damaged due to the softening of the material.

2. Nozzle corrosion damage: When we use chemical materials to spray and clean objects, these chemicals usually cause corrosion damage to the high-pressure nozzle material, thereby causing hidden dangers.

3. Nozzle danger: Chemical substances and impurities accumulated inside and outside the high-pressure nozzle will cause the nozzle to block. This usually affects the spray shape of the nozzle, which in turn affects the working pressure of the high-pressure cleaner.

4. Accidental damage to the nozzle: For safety reasons, although the opening of the high-pressure nozzle is usually designed to be concave, if we cannot use it correctly and can not maintain it in time, the offset structure of the fan nozzle is easily damaged.

5. Nozzle corrosion damage: The possibility of high-pressure nozzle corrosion mainly depends on the working pressure of the high-pressure cleaner, the type of chemical material used, the hardness of the liquid and its flow rate. In addition, the particulate impurities in the liquid can also corrode the nozzle. When high-pressure spray water flows over the metal surface of the nozzle hole, it will cause corrosion damage to the nozzle hole, which usually causes the pressure of the high-pressure cleaner to drop, and the spraying state becomes irregular.

There are many reasons why high-pressure cleaners are easily damaged, so please pay attention when using them.

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