Application scope of high pressure cleaner

Generally it applies to these several ways:

1. Clean and maintain various motor vehicles, engineering vehicles, engineering machinery and agricultural machinery supporting products

2. The cleaning of exterior walls, floors, bathrooms and swimming pools of buildings is particularly effective for doors, windows, floors, toilets, oil stains and corners that are difficult to clean manually.

3. Disinfect and clean food processing plants, food processing machinery and kitchens in hotels and restaurants. This place will be used extensively and the effect is very significant.

Ultra-high-pressure cleaners above 4.500 bar can make concrete rough, and higher-pressure cleaners can even cut and chisel various grades of concrete.

In addition, high-pressure water jets are now used in advanced machines. It is a very high-energy water flow, which is pressurized to hundreds or even thousands of atmospheres by high-pressure cleaning equipment such as high-pressure cleaning machines, high-pressure cleaning trucks, and high-pressure cleaning pumps, and then passes through special nozzles (aperture diameter is generally 1-2mm). High speed (200-500 m/s) ejection.

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