Safety precautions when cleaning pipelines with high-pressure cleaners

The pipe cleaning nozzle is an important component when using a high-pressure cleaning machine to clean the pipe. The jet produced by the rear nozzle peels off the dirt on the pipe wall while generating forward thrust and backward backflow, pushing the nozzle forward and removing dirt. The pipeline cleaning nozzle drives the high-pressure hose forward, and finally completes the pipeline cleaning operation.

What we need to pay attention to is that when using high-pressure cleaners for pipeline cleaning operations, we must avoid the imbalance of the nozzle operation and cause personal injury. The specific preventive measures are as follows:

1. Before construction, carefully check whether the nozzle is clogged, and deal with it in time if clogging is found.

2. During each construction, put the nozzle into the pipe about 30cm, and then pressurize the nozzle into the pipe. When the nozzle is pulled out from the pipe after cleaning, the pressure of the high-pressure pump should be adjusted to zero. , So as to prevent the nozzle from forming a water hose and swinging and hurting the operator.

In addition, when using a high-pressure cleaner to clean the pipeline, in addition to carefully checking the cleaning equipment, you should also pay attention to the mechanical damage in the following cleaning operations:

1. Since the iron ladder in the well must be stepped on when going up and down the contact well, the ladder may become loose after a long time. If the operator accidentally falls into the well while climbing, it will cause a safety accident.

2. When using a high-pressure cleaner to clean the pipeline, the high-pressure pipeline on the ground is likely to be run over by vehicles passing by, resulting in damage to the high-pressure hose, and the high-pressure water sprays out and hurts passing personnel.

3. During the cleaning process, if there is no sign at the wellhead or the well cover cannot be covered in time after cleaning, it is likely to cause passing vehicles and pedestrians to fall into the well, causing injuries to personnel and vehicles.

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