Purchasing skills for high-pressure cleaners

A high-pressure cleaner is a machine that uses a power device to make a high-pressure plunger pump produce high-pressure water to wash the surface of an object. It can peel off and wash away the dirt to achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface of the object. Because it uses high-pressure water jets to clean up dirt, high-pressure cleaning is also recognized as one of the scientific, economic, and environmentally friendly cleaning methods. It can be divided into cold water pressure washer, hot water pressure washer, motor driven high pressure washer, gasoline engine driven high pressure washer, etc.

Selection points:

1. Depends on usage

General high-pressure cleaners can be divided into household and professional use. If you use the washing machine for less than 50 hours a year, you only need to buy a household washing machine. The price is relatively cheaper, the weight is lighter, the material is simple and not heat-resistant. If the use time is more than 100 hours, it is necessary to consider a professional high-pressure cleaner, which is larger in size and made of durable materials such as copper alloy pump head and stainless steel valve.

2. Depends on the need of hot and cold water

High-pressure cleaners can also be divided into hot water and cold water types according to the requirements of the occasion. Generally, most of the market is cold-water type, which can be used by injecting clean water at room temperature from the tap; but some business places need to be flushed with hot water, at this time, it is necessary to purchase a hot water-type high-pressure cleaner.

A heating device is added to the hot water washing machine, which generally uses a combustion cylinder to heat the water. Using hot water to wash can quickly wash away a large amount of dirt and oil stains that are not easy to wash with cold water, so that the cleaning efficiency is greatly improved.

3. Select the nozzle

The cleaning effect caused by different nozzles is also different. For example, the circular water jet nozzle can increase the cleaning efficiency, the fan nozzle can rotate the nozzle as low-pressure spray (can spray soapy water) and the high-pressure fan-shaped water jet, and the low-pressure brush head can spray low-pressure water flow for gentle brushing. Some of these sprinklers must be purchased by yourself, and you should select them according to your needs when buying.

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