How to choose nozzles for high-pressure cleaners in industrial pipeline cleaning

Do you know? The cleaning of pipelines is very important to ensure pipeline transportation and process production. High-pressure cleaners have become the preferred equipment for pipeline cleaning operations of various enterprises, which can save a lot of resources and financial resources for enterprises. However, in order to achieve a good cleaning effect when using a high-pressure cleaner to clean industrial pipelines, the selection and matching of nozzles are very critical.

The high-pressure cleaner is to clean the object by using the huge impact force generated by the direct injection of the high-density high-pressure water jet to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Therefore, in order to achieve a good cleaning effect, a high-pressure water jet with high density and high cohesion is indispensable.

The size of the pump pressure determines the degree of damage to the adhesion layer. If the pressure is too high, it will easily damage the substrate to be cleaned and cause unnecessary energy waste. If the pressure is too small, the cleaning effect cannot be achieved. The proper flow rate is also related to the cleaning efficiency and effect, so the choice of nozzle aperture size is very important.

Generally, large sewage pipelines require 30-50MPa pressure, and large flow rates 150-200L/min; sugar-making equipment, pipelines, and fertilizer plant pipelines require 50-80MPa pressure and flow 50-80L/min; gas flue and oil pipeline requirements The pressure is 50~70MPa, and the flow rate is 70~110L/min. The hard silicate adhesion layer requires a relatively high pressure and flow rate, which must reach a pressure of 100~140MPa and a flow rate of 80~100L/min.

In addition, affected by the difference in nozzle structure and performance, even under the same outlet pressure and flow conditions, there will be a relatively large difference in the distribution of dynamic pressure. It can be seen that the choice of nozzle hole shape is also a very important key link.

In the field of pipeline and industrial cleaning, most of the high-pressure nozzles with a cone-shaped hole are used, and the inner hole changes from a cone to a cylindrical shape. Neither the conical-column transition line nor the ridgeline of the cylindrical end surface shall be chamfered. The best taper range of the conical surface Z is 12~14°, the best ratio of the cylindrical hole length to the diameter Z is 2.5~3.0, the inner surface of the hole needs to be processed smoothly, and its roughness is limited to 0.8-0.4. To meet the above parameter requirements, the high-pressure water jet from the nozzle can ensure high density and high agglomeration, so as to obtain a longer effective target distance and a wider jet area, so that the efficiency of the high-pressure cleaner for cleaning industrial pipelines can be improved .

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