How does the hand-push scrubber get double protection correctly?

The hand-push scrubber is separated before and after use. Before use, do a more comprehensive inspection to ensure normal operation, and also need to be maintained after use, so that the hand-push scrubber can be double protected.

Push-type washing machine

During operation, according to the different humidity of the ground, the hand-push scrubber can meet different cleaning needs. It can also adopt more environmentally friendly cleaning technology according to the adhesion of the ground stains, and the clean water and the stained ground cleaning work without cleaning agents can be completed smoothly. According to the degree of ground stains, the friction during cleaning can be appropriately reduced or increased.

The washing machine is random and can clean the ground at any time without affecting other work on the ground. At present, automatic floor scrubbers are equipped with solution filtering devices, which require users to perform cleaning and maintenance. After the cleaning work is completed, it is necessary to filter the cleaning fluid to prevent dirt from clogging the valve, solenoid, and water pump. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the long-term service life of the scrubber.

The old era of old methods has passed. In summary, this year, domestic scrubbers have entered a different market structure. Everyone believes that the next few years will be the hand-push scrubber market. Because of the low price of the hand-push scrubber, it is accepted by the cleaning industry. The cleaning industry is not a profiteering project after all, the company makes all hard money. But in just one year, the situation has improved. Many property cleaning staff have put up banners to start the scrubber. This is mainly because there are larger parking lots in the newly built communities. Tens of thousands of square meters or even one hundred thousand square meters of parking spaces are an unsolvable problem for property cleaning. What's more, the competition of property brands requires higher quality cleaning services.

But there are also some shortcomings, such as fish-eyes in the floor scrubber market in my country. It is not easy to buy a scrubber with reliable quality and after-sales service. Some properties are bought because the pictures are cheap, the quality is poor and the after-sale service is poor.

As a merchant in this industry for many years, I would like to give you a few reminders. First of all, you must inquire in many ways before buying a hand-push scrubber. I chose a few well-reputed brands to wash the ground. I would like to remind everyone not to believe in advertisements! It is not necessarily good to advertise first. In addition, you must pay special attention to whether the business you are buying has good after-sales capabilities and good reputation. Basically, you will not be deceived when you buy a scrubber in this way. If you care too much about the price. You also cannot get good after-sales service.

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