With this tree shredder, it's so easy to turn waste into treasure

As we all know, before the invention of electrical appliances, people used to burning waste branches and leaves, straw and weeds, but this treatment method not only causes secondary pollution to the environment, but also the resources are not effectively recycled, in the end how to effectively use these waste branches and leaves and make them play a role in it? Tree branch crusher was produced, and tree branch crusher is also known as branch trunk crusher, as the name implies is the pruning of tree branches after breaking. The crushed material can be buried in the ground , improving the organic matter of the land,and further improve the soil. Today, I'm here to proudly introduce our T300FS fuel-fired branch slicing and crushing machine, professional branch crushing, turning waste into treasure, is so simple!

T300FS fuel oil type branch slicer (diesel), thickened steel plate body makes the machine is more durable; it is equipped with shock absorption device, in the use of pneumatic tires, or working to make the body more stable; The feed roller is driven by hydraulic motor, strong power, and easy to control; and it is fast, durable, sharper, and longer blade life with special imported thickened blade.

With high-strength bracket, professional grade car steel, T300FS fuel type branch slicer shredder (diesel) adopts full welding process, high strength and durable; free multi-angle material discharge, increase the feeding port, feeding more convenient; 25L large-capacity fuel tank, effectively extending the working time, widely used in greening companies, gardening companies, residential community, farming orchards and other scenarios; and branch powder can be used as organic fertilizer, flower potting soil filler, animal feeds, fungus culture substrate, etc. Return to the field and reuse, care for the environment, everyone is responsible!

Our company has always been aiming to continuouly reduce the cost of procurement and use of material security products for our customers. We have rich variety of production line, covering industrial and commercial cleaning, gardening green, stone maintenance,municipal sanitation, cleaning tools and other categories.If you want to purchase T300FS fuel oil type branch slicer  , you can contact us any time.