Sanitation high-pressure washing vehicle, a machine multi-purpose, low-carbon environmental protection

      Sanitation high-pressure flushing car set washing and brushing in one, flushing high efficiency, save money and energy. It is mainly used for rapid washing and cleaning of urban sidewalks and auxiliary roads, as well as urban small advertisement cleaning, fruit bins, garbage cans washing, ground dirt removal, etc. It can work together with small sweeper to clean sidewalks and sidewalks quickly and efficiently, and it will not damage other public facilities such as sidewalk tiles and manhole covers.

Sanitation high-pressure flushing vehicle can not only clean the city sewers, roads and other difficult to clean sediment, but also can be used to clean industrial discharge pipes, walls, cleaning highways and city road guardrails, walls, poles on the "psoriasis", it can spray dust, adjust air humidity and spray air disinfectant; self-priming function, greening watering and auxiliary firefighting functions; emergency can also be used to put out fires.

Sanitation high-pressure flushing truck can also be equipped with handheld high-pressure spray gun, rotating nozzle, which is very useful for flushing small advertisements, garbage cans, ground garbage, etc., so much so that it also allows numerous sanitation dead ends to be satisfactorily cleaned, which is both convenient and environmentally friendly. Sanitation high-pressure flushing car in addition to adding style to the city appearance, but also to reduce labor intensity, save labor costs, improve efficiency, in addition to achieve the low-carbon environmental protection slogan vigorously advocated around the world.

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