Today's goodies: driving sweeper, save money and energy ~

With continuous development of intelligent society the hygiene level of living environment people required are enhanced simultaneously, coupled with the accelerated urbanization process, the increase in the public sector, the traditional manual cleaning has not been able to keep up with the promotion of cleaning needs in various places and the cleaning efficiency is no better than the the machine cleaning, so the demand for driving sweeper is soaring. Today, I recommend for you is our TU driving sweeper and DU driving sweeper.

1.  TU driving sweeper

TU  driving sweeper, sweeping + vacuuming + sprinkling three in one. High-density nylon bilateral side brushes, cleaning faster; 150L large dust box, spray dust, dust suppression and cleaning, a Ken in place; 1 charge can work 4-6H, 1 set equals to 8-10 cleaners, stable performance and low failure rate, save energy and money; with double disc brake design, that is, step on the stop, safer operation.

2.  DU driving floor sweepers

DU driving sweeper, sweeping + vacuum + sprinkler three in one, a step in place to save effort, 1 hour sweeping 0-15000m² / h, with full charge charge it can work 3-4H; it can not only quickly clean the ground, but also adjusts the seat according to the operator position, very humane; 80L large-capacity garbage can, garbage can single buckle connected to the machine, more convenient dumping; Hall brushless motor, longer life, reduce maintenance cost.

Our product line is rich, covering industrial and commercial cleaning, landscaping, stone maintenance, municipal sanitation, household cleaning, cleaning tools and other categories. If you want to buy a driving sweeper, you can contact us 24h any time.