Year-End Special!!! T9 Driving Scrubber, Modern Cleaning Tools, Buying is to Earn ~

Let us "easy" to say goodbye to traditional cleaning! Sweeping without bending, that is, open and go, one charge can sweep 4 ~ 5 hours, that is, push that is to use! Environmental protection ,time-saving and high efficiency! Come and grab it!

T9 driving scrubber, integrated suction, washing and dragging into one body, clear efficiency is greatly improved; using the brand front wheel drive motor, greatly increase the flexibility of use, being able to do 360 degrees in site turning around; 150L large-capacity water tank, rear lift box design, good battery heat ventilation, improve efficiency; in addition, in the use of the process, once the main brush winding too much, resulting in motor operation is blocked, the motor temperature is too high, the machine will automatically start the protection device, it can effectively avoid motor damage, thereby extending the service life of the machine!

T9 driving scrubber is not only cost-effective, but also high cleaning efficiency, buying is to earn, what are you waiting for! If you want to buy the T9, click online customer service, or contact us for consultation any time.