There are so many benefits of using industrial vacuum cleaners in the workshop, you have to know them well!

With the rapid development of industry, factory cleaning methods are gradually changing, the emergence of industrial vacuum cleaners for workshops has changed from the traditional manual cleaning of time-consuming, laborious, into a clean, fast way to remove dust, especially in the production of workshops the traditional one produces a lot of dust and dust pollution. Today, we will introduce you to a good and practical industrial vacuum cleaner for workshops, good cleaning effect, no dust, and good for the health of employees!


Industrial vacuum cleaner 3.4KW/T340X, suction iron + dust two in one, in one step, easy to operate. 50MM large diameter, 3400W high power, powerful suction, no fear of industrial workshop large particles.

1. In the machining and manufacturing industry it is able to suck grinding dust, recycling iron chips, aluminum chips and other metal raw materials, to maintain the cleanliness of the factory workshop, and achieve rapid cleaning, to avoid dust.

2. In the textile industry it can absorb fine fibers in the production process , to improve product quality.

3. In the chemical industry it can recover some expensive catalysts, etc..

       As an environmental protection equipment industrial vacuum cleaner for workshop can be used in different factory environment! Now it is widely used in grinding industry, chemical industry, construction industry, textile industry and other industries. If you want to buy, you can contact us at any time.