Have this battery-operated automatic floor scrubber, clean and disinfect, save time and effort

Nowadays, the cleaning and disinfection of public places is  essential, cleaning and disinfection of epidemic prevention work is not in place, prone to the occurrence of aggregated epidemic. The ground, in particular, often gathers dust, dirt, residue, bacteria and other pollutants, and the ordinary manual cleaning mode is far from enough to enhance the cleanliness of the ground.

Today, we introduce to you this battery-operated automatic floor scrubber, high efficiency, easy to operate, save time and effort, clean and sanitary.

1、Working Principle

The working principle of electric automatic scrubber is very simple, after the scrubber turns on the switch, the clear water tube automatically sprays clear water to the ground, the brush motor runs so that the brush carries out the ground cleaning work, the cleaned sewage is recycled to the sewage tank by the suction steak rubber strip, and sucks the ground dry.

2、Applicable floor type

The electric automatic scrubber is suitable for cleaning hard floors such as marble, cement, macadam, wear-resistant flooring, epoxy flooring, plastic flooring, etc. It is widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, buildings, office buildings, factory workshops, hotels, airports, stations and other places.


The electric battery type automatic scrubber has no wire restriction in use, which makes it more free and convenient to use. 6 batteries with ultra-long life span can carry out cleaning work for a long time, and the operation is simple and effortless. Double brushes, large water tank, washing and sucking, in one step, high efficiency, 1H can clean 6200-8800 square meters of ground, save time and energy. It not only can remove the dirty ground, bacteria, germs away, to create a clean and sterile environment, but also to improve the neat image of enterprises.

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