With this sandblasting and high-pressure cleaning machine, renovation and rust removal is clean and smooth

      Sandblasting high-pressure cleaner is a combination of high-pressure water cleaner and sandblasting and rust removal machine, of which the sandblasting working principle: the high-pressure water generated by high-pressure water jet device is sprayed out from the sandblasting nozzle through high-pressure pipeline, and negative pressure is generated in the sandblasting chamber, the spare sand enters the sand pipe in the sand tank relying on the negative pressure of the high-pressure pipeline, the sand in the sand pipe mixes with the high-pressure water jet and is quickly sprayed out, so that the dirt, grease, floating rust and oxidation skin on the metal surface are instantly removed to achieve the purpose of transformation and renovation of the old factory.

Advantages of sandblasting high-pressure cleaners:

1. Less capital investment compared with pure water high-pressure cleaning equipment, economic and durable equipment.

2. Good cleaning quality, will not damage the substrate of the old plant.

3. Pure water cleaning, automated equipment is simple to operate, faster than the traditional cleaning process methods, will not form pollution.

4. A wide range of applications, can be in the shape and structure of cleaning messy parts, can be cleaned in a narrow and harsh environment.

Sandblast high-pressure cleaner is applied to remove various coatings, resin layers, pigments, rubber, concrete, plastics, etc. It is widely used in industrial industries such as old factory renovation, shipbuilding, petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, etc.

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