Metal Products Rust Removal TOO Troublesome? One Electrical High Pressure Solve it Easily!

      The majority of punching nets are machined by metal materials. The screening plate structure is firm, economical and practical ,elegant and beautiful. But metal products are easily oxidized and rusted, while the efficiency traditional rust removal is too slow, and the manpower cost is too high. Our T50/38E electrical high pressure washer is a body with rust removal and cleaning. One washer with all usages makes it easy and comfortable.

T50/38E electrical high pressure washer adopts Italian original import AR piston pump , durable;intelligent management, lare pressure, removing rust easily; large-sized Y type SS filter, filtering effectively, convenient for dismantling; steel structure protection cover, durable and corrosion-resistant. Currently it is widely used in cleaning workshop, constructure project, station,dock,residential area, warehouse, school,stadium, airport etc. Cleaning efficiency is 8 ~10 times of that of traditional manpower , and one washer can replace 8~10 cleaning staff.

Our company has always been aiming to continuouly reduce the cost of procurement and use of material security products for our customers. We have rich variety of production line, covering industrial and commercial cleaning, gardening green, stone maintenance,municipal sanitation, cleaning tools and other categories.If you want to purchase electrical high pressure washer, you can contact us any time.