Which is the best four-seater electric patrol car manufacturer? Convenient and efficient

      The traditional patrol method generally adopts step patrol, but this patrol method often has certain drawbacks, such as poor reliability, low efficiency and high labor intensity of the personnel patrolling. Today, we want to introduce a good, practical electric patrol car: our T400XL electric four-seater semi-enclosed patrol car.

This electric four-seater semi-enclosed patrol car has the advantages of small size, easy to operate, easy to use and so on, even in the crowded places it can easily pass. And it also has merits in environmental protection and energy saving, low noise. Being used in urban patrol it can not only significantly save fuel costs, but also improve the street "see police rate", improve the density of street patrol. It is more convenient get in and out of the car than the ordinary car and the view is more open.

Our T400XL electric four-seater semi-enclosed patrol car, charging 8~10 hours, range 80KM+, turning radius 4.5m; being equipped with car-type digital LCD instrument panel, easy to observe, highlighting the atmosphere; using natural rubber vacuum pneumatic tires, durable; car-type hand brake, to protect you; standard headlights, headlights, turn signals, brake lights, night work freely;

This patrol car is now widely used in public security patrol, pedestrian street, golf course, tourist attractions, real estate (garden district), various large enterprises, institutions, parks, entertainment venues, stadiums, colleges and universities, hospitals, nursing homes, stations, airports, docks and other fields.

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