The difference between explosion-proof high pressure washer and ordinary high pressure washer

Explosion-proof high-pressure cleaners and ordinary high-pressure cleaners both use the crankshaft of the high-pressure pump to drive the connecting rod to push the plunger to make a reciprocating movement. The liquid inlet valve is closed to produce high-pressure water to clean various stubborn dirt on the surface of the equipment. Their main difference is the choice of power motor. The explosion-proof high-pressure washer is driven by an explosion-proof motor, and the ordinary high-pressure washer can be driven by gasoline or diesel.

Explosion-proof high-pressure cleaners are generally used in special environments such as flammable and explosive gas or dust and liquefied gas stations. The explosion-proof motor of the explosion-proof high-pressure cleaner adopts an explosion-proof enclosure to separate the sparks and dangerous temperature electrical parts from the surrounding Explosive gas mixtures, to prevent accidents such as explosions caused by sparks generated when the equipment is started. At present, it is also widely used in cleaning in transportation, medicine, chemical industry, petroleum and other industries. It is especially suitable for some dangerous occasions where explosions may occur. The motor junction box of the explosion-proof high-pressure cleaner has better sealing than ordinary motors. It is waterproof and can be used outdoors.

Explosion-proof high-pressure cleaners must not lack phase when in use, cannot operate at ultra-high pressure, and cannot operate with the gun turned off for a long time without stopping the machine. Therefore, the power supply and the equipment pressure setting are more strict. When the equipment is well maintained, the operating life of the high-pressure cleaner is longer.

In the process of using explosion-proof motors, if you hear abnormal noise, you must stop the machine for inspection, and use it after finding the cause.