Why are the prices of high-pressure cleaners different?

First of all, high-pressure cleaners are divided into household, commercial and industrial use according to their use places.
Household high-pressure cleaners are used in property, home, etc. It is characterized by portability and simplicity. But its configuration, pressure, flow and service life are relatively low.
Commercial high-pressure cleaners, such as car washers, have a long use time, high frequency of use, and strict requirements for various components. They have higher requirements for materials, configurations and specifications than household cleaners.
High-pressure cleaners for industrial purposes such as high-end intelligent cleaning lines, industrial parts cleaning, construction water cutting, crushing, etc., not only have higher requirements for various parameters, but also have special requirements for configuration and material requirements.
The use of different uses still has a great impact on the price of high-pressure cleaners, general household machines are cheaper, about hundred dollars, and industrial machines are at least thousand dollars depending on the application field.
Secondly, the raw materials, accessories and components have a great impact on the price of high-pressure cleaner equipment.
There are dozens of components of high-pressure cleaning equipment, including power units (motors, gasoline engines, diesel engines), high-pressure pumps, chassis, high-pressure hoses, high-pressure water guns, etc. The origin, brand, specifications, and pros and cons of the accessories will also cause prices differences. Different combinations of accessories can affect the life, safety and vulnerability of the equipment. For example, our company has a long-term supply relationship with well-known domestic and foreign brands in power selection, such as Honda gasoline engines, which are powerful enough to be durable and not bad. In the selection of high-pressure pumps, high-pressure hoses, high-pressure nozzles, we use German AR, Woma, etc. the brand pump makes our equipment high-quality and durable. This is the key to our high cost-effective equipment and high praise from customers.

The last is sales strategy.
The price of high-pressure cleaners on the market is also affected by the sales strategy of high-pressure cleaner manufacturers. Products with low prices are not so sophisticated in the selection of accessories and components. Henan UI factory always adheres to the integrity of serving customers. We strongly adhere to the principle of ensuring the long service life and high performance of the equipment in the materials used.