Why are high pressure cleaners so popular?

A high-pressure cleaner is an energy-saving device, which uses a power device to make a high-pressure plunger pump produce high-pressure water to wash the surface of an object. It can peel off and wash away the dirt to achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface of the object. The cleaning medium is water, which will not cause secondary pollution, no harmful substance discharge and environmental pollution problems, and the high-pressure cleaner has a wide range, high efficiency, cost savings, short construction period, and will not cause unnecessary troubles to customers. It is recognized as one of the most scientific, economical and environmentally friendly cleaning methods in the world.

The working principle of the high-pressure cleaner is that the crankshaft of the high-pressure pump drives the connecting rod to push the plunger to reciprocate, and the high-pressure water is generated through the closing of the inlet and outlet valves. The actuator nozzle generates multiple, multi-angle, and high-pressure water jets of different strengths. The impact of water is greater than the adhesion of dirt to the surface of the object, so that the dirt can be separated from the surface of the object to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

The cleaning operation of the high-pressure cleaner is very thorough, and can meet the detailed requirements in the cleaning process, the cleaning operation is more stable, and the function can be adjusted according to your needs.

It has a wide range of uses. There are motor, gasoline, diesel, and optional drive forms. There are no special requirements for the material, characteristics, and shape of the object to be cleaned, and it can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly.

Application areas of high-pressure cleaners include aviation, automobiles, aluminum, brewing, cement, construction, power plants, chemical pharmaceuticals, hydropower stations, dams, river banks, food processing, ships, highways, casting, metallurgy, light industry, petroleum rubber , oil fields, pipelines, machinery manufacturing, etc., the purposes are divided into runway degreasing, paint and welding slag removal, fence cement scale removal, concrete crushing, heat exchanger / evaporator / heat exchanger filter decontamination, concrete scouring, ship paint and rust removal, casting sand removal, oil pipeline dredge cleaning, pressure test, mechanical cleaning, etc.

How to choose the pressure of the high-pressure cleaner? Brewing, washing, concrete scouring, food machinery, municipal pipeline cleaning and dredging usually choose equipment with a pressure of 100-500bar; construction industry, food processing, paint and rust removal usually choose equipment with a pressure of 500-700bar; car paint removal rust, cement scale removal, casting sand removal, etc. usually choose equipment with a pressure of 700-1000bar, and equipment with a pressure of about 1000-2000bar, such as chemical industry, concrete roughening, crushing, and petroleum.

With the formulation of the government's environmental protection policy and the increasing public awareness of environmental protection, the environmental protection industry as a whole has much to do. At present, the domestic high-pressure cleaner market is still in the initial stage of development. The market for high-pressure cleaners is very broad, and the demand for high-pressure cleaners in various fields is also increasing. This is also the reason why high-pressure cleaners are popular.