Scrubber Dryer Maintenance

As a powerful helper for floor cleaning, the scrubber can effectively prolong its service life and give full play to its use effect by mastering the correct operation method when using it and performing reasonable maintenance at ordinary times. So what should you pay attention to when using the scrubber? And how to maintain it? Please see below.

How to maintain the scrubber dryer after use?
1. After the ground is cleaned, drain the clean water tank and the sewage tank.
2. Clean the whole machine, such as removing the squeegee, needle plate to rinse.
3. Clean up the sedimented silt and garbage in the sewage tank in time to prevent the water from being stinking for a long time.
4. Clean the exterior of the whole machine and wipe it with a dry cloth. Do not rinse the inside of the machine directly with a water pipe to avoid damage to the internal circuit of the machine.
5. The room should be ventilated during charging, and the battery liquid level should be checked regularly (only for liquid batteries, keep the liquid level and the electrode plate at a distance of 1cm).
6. Raise the squeegee away from the ground to avoid the long-term compression of the rubber strip and cause deformation and affect the cleaning effect.


What should be paid attention to during the cleaning process?
1. When adding detergent to the clean water tank, defoamer must be added to the recovery tank.
2. When encountering large iron filings on the ground, manually clean it up.
3. When adding clean water during the cleaning process, discharge the sewage from the sewage tank to avoid excessive overflow of sewage from the sewage tank, which may cause the water intake motor to burn out.
4. When the cleaning machine is found to be insufficient during work, stop and charge it in time, and do not over discharge the battery.