Carpet cleaning extractor | Say goodbye to the troubles of carpet cleaning

With the continuous growth of people's economic income, the emphasis on the quality and comfort of life is also increasing. More and more homes, offices, public places, especially hotels, are laying carpets.
Carpeting improves the style and grade of the space, and can also reduce indoor noise pollution. The carpet cleaning that arises at the historic moment is also an important issue. When the carpet is dirty, it is not only visually unsightly, but also easy to breed various bacteria, which brings harm to human health. At this time, a carpet cleaning extractor that can clean carpets, maintain carpets, and prevent bacterial growth is particularly important.

UI Carpet Extractor CE28

This is a three-in-one carpet cleaning that integrates spraying, cleaning and drying. It can clean the carpet in one step. Good to wash all kinds of carpets, such as pure cotton, fiber, pure wool, nylon, acrylic and other carpets. All kinds of stains, such as oil stains, tea stains, gray dirt, wine stains, mildew stains, blood stains, are quickly removed. Suitable for hotels, guesthouses, offices, banquet halls, hospitals, and cinemas.
Our CE28 carpet extractor owns many good features:
* 12L clean water tank/15L recovery tank, separated and see-through clean recovery tank design, can observe the water level in real time.
* With high return rate, saving time and money.
* 1000W high-power water-absorbing motor, 18Kpa equipment suction power, clean and dry carpet quickly.