Precautions for operation of high-pressure cleaner

1. Operation is not allowed at low water level.

2. Do not exceed 50 minutes of continuous working time.

3. Do not use when the temperature is below 0℃.

4. Do not use by unskilled persons.

5. Before operation, please make sure that the oil, water, and air valves are in the start state.

6. Before dredging the pipeline, please make sure that the nozzle end of the high-pressure hose enters the pipeline more than 300mm, and beware of the nozzle rebound and hurt people!

7. Regular inspection, cleaning the filter device.

8. Regularly check and replace lubricating oil.

9. For safety, please use triangle wood to cushion the wheels before starting operation to prevent unintentional displacement of the vehicle.

10. It is recommended to open the doors on both sides of the pump box after the cab during operation to ensure good ventilation and avoid excessive heating.

11. If the whole vehicle, pump or winch has unconventional vibration or noise, please stop it for inspection and use it after repair.