Pipe dredging high-pressure cleaner

With the accelerated development of urban modernization, the maintenance, dredging and cleaning of urban underground pipelines continue to receive attention. Municipal pipelines, community pipelines, industrial production sewage pipelines, etc., all need to regularly dredge and clean the residues, oil and mud deposited in the pipelines to ensure that the pipelines are not blocked, and to avoid the rainy season causing urban water to affect traffic.

UI Electric Pipeline High Pressure Washer PWP20/41E

This is a cleaning + dredging two-in-one electric pipe dredging high-pressure cleaner, suitable for dredging pipelines such as property community pipelines, hotel pipelines, factory sewer pipelines, municipal pipelines, school pipelines, etc.
200bar water pressure, 41L/min water flow, block garbage in the pipeline below 600MM, one-click removal (inner wall oil, inner wall scaling, silt, sand, domestic garbage, leaves, branches, hard cement blocks).
Water pressure can be controlled in real time, you can adjust it as much as you want; different spray nozzles can be replaced at any time according to the dredging environment to achieve a better dredging effect; 60M standard dredging tube; the pressure washer can reduce trouble, effort, and cost for the enterprise; one machine can be used for multiple purposes, and the water gun can be installed to clean and wash the floor, wall, etc.