Highlights of Walk-behind snow clearing machine?

Snow is expected by children each winter. They enjoy to play snow balls, make snowman very much. Snow always takes us lots of fun.
How to enjoy the snow playing meanwhile keep a clean road for walking or car driving?
Truly, you can clear the snow by shovel which definitely cost a great many of manpower. Why not try the walk-behind snow clearing machine? Which can help you to finish snow removal work quickly and efficiently, so that you can enjoy snow playing time with kids.

Below are highlights for your reference:

1. Snow clearing width is 110cm, working depth is 56cm, 24000㎡/h, widely applied to clear car parks, footpaths, access road, sports pitches, etc.

2. The snow clearing machine is walk behind type, it has 3 gears, and 180 degree handle, flexible enough to work in anywhere.

3. Two starting methods: by key or pulling rope when battery is low power.

4. Powerful GX390 Honda engine, long running time.

5. Brush wire is imported with high wear resistant, long service life.