Five Guidelines for Buying a Scrubber

The scrubber has become an indispensable equipment in cleaning work and is widely used in various fields. However, there are many types of cleaning equipment on the market, and the purchase of floor scrubbers has become a very confusing problem for buyers. Here is how to choose a floor scrubber correctly.

1. The most suitable is the most cost-effective
Must be based on the premises of the property cleaning, such as the ground condition of the factory or shopping mall, floor material, area size, oil type, cleaning frequency, cleaning time, noise control and other factors, comprehensively consider, select the appropriate floor scrubber. The purchase cost of the machine is an important factor, but it must not be the only factor. If this machine is not suitable, no matter how cheap it is, it is useless, and it will cost more money in the future.
2. The most professional is the most effective
Be sure to seriously consider the recommendations of the scrubber business. What is the cleaning problem that bothers you the most? Can your supplier solve it for you? Let them not only provide you with a quotation for the equipment, but also provide a professional, comprehensive and reasonable floor cleaning plan.
3. The most economical is the most affordable
When purchasing a floor scrubber, not only the short-term and complete purchase costs must be considered, but also the long-term maintenance costs and the use costs of wearing parts and consumables. The floor scrubber is not a face-saving project. It is completely unnecessary to pay attention to pomp. Economical benefits are the embodiment of high management level.
4. The simplest is the most convenient
The control panel of the scrubber should not be too complicated, simple, clear, and clear at a glance. The operation process should be illustrated, so that some migrant worker brothers and sisters who do not know a few big characters can use it conveniently and understand it clearly.
5. The most reliable is the most assured
Imagine that the equipment I bought five years ago is broken now, can I still find someone to repair it? Can I still buy accessories? Is the original supplier still there? As with all electromechanical equipment, after-sales service is very important for floor scrubbers. Appropriate suppliers must be reliable first; reliable suppliers have long-term business experience, have brand qualifications, good reputation and mature after-sales service system.