Daily maintenance of high pressure washer

The service life of the high-pressure cleaner is closely related to the daily use and maintenance. If used properly, it can not only extend the service life of the equipment but also reduce the frequency of replacement of equipment parts and save a lot of unnecessary expenses.

Basic maintenance:
1. Clean the filter. Check the filter frequently to see if the filter is clogged with impurities. Blockage of the filter or impurities in the inlet water will cause insufficient water supply to the equipment, the pressure will not reach the rated pressure or damage the precision components in the pump body.
2. Check the water tank frequently to clean up the scale to ensure the cleanliness of the incoming water quality.
3. Check the oil level of the plunger pump. Generally, the oil in the pump should be changed every 200 hours after the equipment is used normally. You can check whether the oil level in the pump is sufficient through the oil window. The oil level should be half of the oil window and not too full. Lack of oil will cause the pump head Insufficient internal lubrication, over-fullness will cause the pump head to leak out through the movement of the plunger during operation.
Special attention is that once the oil in the oil tank is found to be emulsified (turns milky white), the oil must be replaced.
4. Frequently check the connection of various parts and fasteners of the equipment, and if there is any looseness, tighten it in time, especially whether the screws on the section of the pump head slider are loose, and tighten it in time.
5. When the pump is working, the plunger cavity surface can be opened to observe the plunger surface and the movement of the plunger to prevent the compression screw from reciprocating movement.
6. When the equipment is temporarily not in use in winter, the water in the booster pump, high-pressure pump, water tank, and oil cooler should be drained, and antifreeze liquid should be added or antifreeze measures should be taken to prevent the precision components in the pump from freezing and cracking and affecting the normal use of the equipment.
About accessories:
Since it is normal for the equipment to work in a high-pressure environment for a long time, nozzles, nozzle cores, seals and other vulnerable parts are normal. Therefore, the equipment should be used for a period of time to check whether the nozzles and other vulnerable parts are worn and need to be replaced to avoid affecting the water outlet pressure. The equipment should not be used with overpressure during use or the pressure can be appropriately lowered to extend the service life of the nozzle and high-pressure hose.