Common failure causes and solutions of high-pressure cleaners

Nowadays, high-pressure cleaners have been used in mechanical processing plants, workshop equipment and other industrial parts to remove oil and rust, clean heavy oil and grease attached to oil pipelines and drilling platforms and equipment etc. Besides, high pressure washers also widely used to clean municipal pipes, industrial pipes, plane cleaning and other fields.

The main features of hp cleaning are flexible drive mode, environmental protection and high efficiency, greatly improving the efficiency of cleaning operations.

As an environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient cleaning device, it is also a headache if there is a failure during use. In fact, 90% of the failures are not due to the pump, the most common is due to the wear of the components or parts, and the lack of water in the pump is the primary reason for the early failure of the pump. Insufficient water intake will cause cavitation, causing small explosions of gas in the mixing and water to produce high pressure damage and cause piston wear. The main components of the high-pressure cleaner and preliminary solutions are summarized as follows:

The principle of the main components in the high-pressure cleaner

1. Seals: When the seal exceeds the wear limit and the pressure drops, the related seals should be replaced to make the fit between the seal and the piston more suitable.

2. Crankcase: Crankcase failure is usually caused by oil seal aging and deterioration caused by temperature, so the crankcase should be replaced in time.

3. Filter: The function of the filter element can prevent dust and debris from damaging the valve and piston, so if you use a suitable filter cloth, check the filter element regularly.

4. Pressure gauge: The pressure gauge provides an important warning function for the cleaning machine, and can monitor the nozzle wear and seal failure caused by the pressure drop, resulting in expensive maintenance costs in the future.

5. Pressure relief valve: The pressure relief valve is the main safety component of the cleaning machine. It can ensure the free use of the spray gun and the water flow through the system. The pressure relief valve will make some water flow back to the water tank or the water inlet to prevent pressure when the spray gun is not completely released.

6. Safety valve: It releases the water when the pressure exceeds the set warning pressure. It can be inhaled under high pressure or under low pressure, without causing damage to the pump.

7. Nozzle: The nozzle affects the pressure and efficiency of the cleaning machine, so use the suitable nozzle is a must.

8. Hose: The hose must have a burst pressure of 4 times the working pressure.

Therefore, the following checks should be done when the pressure washer fails:

1. Power supply. When the motor is not working, first check whether the power supply has poor contact, and whether the cleaning switch is damp or damaged. Whether the pressure in the water gun is not released.

2. The water gun does not discharge water. When the water outlet is not under pressure, check whether the pressure of the water source is sufficient, whether the water inlet filter is blocked, check whether the rubber or O-ring of the water inlet pipe is broken, whether there is air in the booster pump, check whether the nozzle is blocked, and the heating screw tube is blocked.

3. When the outlet pressure is unstable and the pressure drops, check whether the inlet valve of the outlet valve in the pump cover is blocked, and check whether the high-pressure nozzle is matched or not worn. Check whether the overflow valve is damaged.

4. If the high-pressure water pump leaks oil, it is necessary to check whether the oil seal in the pump is damaged. When the high-pressure pump is running, the crankshaft and connecting rod are continuously moving back and forth, so the high-pressure water pump cannot be short of oil.

5. The abnormal noise after the high-pressure cleaner is started is generally due to air inhaled in the water pump, or the flow valve spring or the crankcase bearing is damaged. In this case, you must first contact the merchant and ask the manufacturer for after-sales maintenance to solve the problem.

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