Company New

  • 2020-12-02
    Quick response to customer's need is our basic principle, to meet Mr Seung's urgent need of scrubber dryer, our logistics staff drive truck to Qingdao port directly, so that the ride-on scrubber can be container in time. Mr Seung is highly appreciated to what we have done, he got the urgent order for one of Malaysia local hospital, which is a new project for him.
  • 2020-11-12
    It is well know that only continuous learning and practice can master a skill better. If we want to know a product well, it also takes time to learn. Needless to say if you are sales in company, it's basic you know every aspect of sold products in order to provide good service and better experience for customers. Dedicated to offer customers quick response service, UI company organizes products a
  • 2020-11-07
    Company is not only a place to work, but it should be a happy place. Except for hard work, everyone hopes to enjoy a friendly and good interpersonal relationship. Love, trust, happy is what we want from life and also hope to obtain from work. Various activities can enhance personal relations, thus, we hold different activities for staff to enjoy.