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Automatic Bus Wash Machine Touchless Brush Tunnel Truck Wash

A touchless car wash is an automated car wash, without the use of brushes and bristles. In these systems, nothing (other

Automatic Washing Machine

The automatic car washing machine is the soft touch car wash system that combine UI's advanced technology used in our to

Industrial Cold Water Pressure Washer-4350 Psi, Movable Cart

Our pressure washer provides a high-powered blaster to easily and quickly clean your car, patio, furniture, or anything

Universal Escalator Handrail Cleaning Machine

Think Hygiene. Let's clean escalator handrails, add years of life to your handrails. Removes dirt and bacteria on handra

Mobile High Pressure Washer for Heavy Cleaning Tasks

Designed for heavy duty cleaning tasks, the pressure washer is a reliable choice for light agriculture, building and con

Powerful Petrol Engine 4-Wheel Tractor Snow Clearing Machinery

The SR13/12 is our most powerful snow clearing unit, capable of operating all the snow clearing attachments and able to

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A reliable provider of professional cleaning products UI Intelligent Company (LXY), headquartered in Shanghai, China, is dedicated to designing, manufacturing and marketing solutions that empower customers to achieve quality cleaning performance, reduce their environmental impact and help create a cleaner, safer, healthier environment. Its products include high pressure washers; floor scrubbers; carpet extractor; escalator handrail cleaning machines. It was his love of knowledge, paired with the ambition to build a co...

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Cold water high-pressure cleaner, efficient stain

Choose a cold water high-pressure cleaner, efficient decontamination without leaving traces, save energy and money!

Which is the best four-seater electric patrol car

Today, we want to introduce a good, practical electric patrol car: our T400XL electric four-seater semi-enclosed patrol

Sanitation high-pressure washing vehicle, a machin

Sanitation high-pressure flushing car set washing and brushing in one, flushing high efficiency, save money and energy.

There are so many benefits of using industrial vac

Today, we will introduce you to a good and practical industrial vacuum cleaner for workshops, good cleaning effect, no
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